( oak glen wedding )

what could i possibly say to truly give this day credit?

i think i will start with telling you about these two. to be honest, i actually didn't meet sam till the wedding day, but if he is anything like abby, he is just as great. they love well... or is it good? their love for each other and others is genuine, selfless, patient, and enduring. they encourage those they meet, coming along side others and each other, to build one another up.

the day was hot, and somewhat humid in the mountains of oak glen. we arrived to see all of their close friends and relatives setting up the picnic/wedding. abby was calm, and even though ti was her day - she started asking how i was and encouraging me in my life. typical abby, always putting others first. their first look involved everyone who was setting up. there was no real moments with just the two of them, they wanted E V E R Y O N E involved and included. from the first look, they wanted to quickly finish portraits so they could greet their guests who were arriving on shuttles. it was so important to them that they get to see everyone who came, and actually spend time with them. 

the ceremony was the only real quiet moment, as we all listened to their vows and watched the guests pray over these two. truly, what a wonderful thing to witness.

the party continued with picnic sandwiches, lawn games, dancing, and people spending time together - all which glorified our father and his kindness and inviting love. 

abby & sam. you two are gems. never change.