Trials & Trails

PC: My husband 

PC: My husband 

More recently, I have had the desire... or I guess interest is the better word choice here, to write and share more about the life of Mrs. Elisenda Farison. This new interest has partially been sparked by my husband (Andrew) and my recent move to Ventura, CA and wanting to share our interest and adventures in the great outdoors. 

I actually used to have a blog called "a horse of another color". You are more then welcome to revisit and read some of my earlier writing about school, life, and my previous bitterness towards marriage/men. Well maybe don't...but if you do, no judging. Obviously, God did a work in my heart cause I am now married and have a brighter perspective on love and relationships.

Anyways, if you have visited this site before you probably noticed the little changes I have made. If not, welcome! I hope you come back often, even if it is to just look at the pictures. I will now be posting my photo work on a separate page, and use this Journal to start sharing with you about life's trials and trails. 

Because really, life seems to be that recently.

Trials that build us into more Christ-like men and women. Trials that teach us to find joy in both the morning and night. Trials that teach us more about God and what it means to really trust & rely on the Lord. Trials that teach us more about what's important in life, and what you can live without.

Trails that are such a big part of this daily journey in reaching our destination thats always a little different and changing. But in all honesty, it isn't always about the destination. I mean sure, often the destination (in our case) is the top of a mountain where we can see miles and miles of the world around. But it is mainly about the trail that leads you there. The trail that has some pretty grueling inclines and some knee breaking ascents. The trail that also brings you by some pretty breathtaking views and introduces you to some new people, and maybe even a large bear. 

I hope I can maintain this little area of mine on the internet. I hope that what I write and share will bring you encouragement and maybe some entertainment.