10,064 ft

Mt San Antonio A.K.A. Mt. Baldy is a part of the San Gabriel Mountain range, a range I grew up staring at from my childhood window. 

I never dreamed I would be climbing any of the peaks in that range, let alone it becoming one of my favorite places on earth. Obviously it is no Yosemite, nor does it offer beautiful lakes like the Eastern Sierras, but it has become a place of rest, exploration, and memories for Andrew & I. 

Naturally, the first trip Andrew & I did after moving to Ventura, was to go back to our range and climb the peak we gawked at from Pine Mountain & Baden-Powell. 

Long story short, we threw our hands up in the air (saying ayeoh, gotta let go)  along the ridge to feel the wind push us around, napped at the summit, were followed by a bumblebee - as seen in the b&w photo of Andrew, ate bacon jerky (pretty tasty! I think I still prefer my slim jims though), & met a friendly guy and his 3 pups on the way back down.

I am excited for future trips, more jerky, & summiting higher and tougher peaks with my favorite. 

Enjoy these images, 4 of which were selected at the same time for the VSCO grid. Can you guess which? Just kidding don't, I'm just a little proud of myself here.