Grand Canyon

I've visited this place serval times growing up. As a kid, again with my dad in our trailer while coyotes howled right outside, with my Nana before she went to be with the Lord. Each time was incredible but this time was so special. This was my first time going with Andrew. My first time ever getting to witness the canyon while rain poured above and thunder grumbled behind us. My first time hobbling from step to step with a lil bean in my stomach (joint pain in my hip makes it very hard to walk sometimes).

It is as mesmerizing as the ocean and no matter how often you visit, it will always take your breath away. 

We decided to camp and I'm so glad we did!  Andrew won Big Agnes mtnGLO lights at a training event and we definitely recommend them!! They made our tent bright inside and cozy while we hung in the tent playing games in the evenings, as it poured outside.

I love traveling and seeing places with Andrew. Even if I have been there before, it is completely different going with just him! Not to mention having a little bean in my stomach made it even more exciting. I seriously can't wait to take our baby to see the Grand Canyon and many more places!! 

These are just some photos of the trip. 

+Shot on Canon 6D

+ Shot on iPhone 6s.