This space has not been what I dreamed of. 

Initially it was going to be a place where I shared hikes & backpacking trips... and it was for a very short time. Then life sort of took over & when I remembered this journal, I overthought the things I wanted to say. Which is odd for me, as I usually have no problem putting words to paper or sharing what is on my mind/heart. 

I’ve put off many posts I’ve wanted to write, hoping the words that circulate my mind would somehow find themselves being plodded down without much effort. But those words, those sentences never found home here. 

Was it pregnancy/mom brain that rewired the way I “speak” on this platform? Was it my self consciousness telling me there are many other mothers who are far better writers? Women who poetically give life & color to everyday routines & diaper changes?

For a while I took this space down, but I keep coming back to it. 

I have dreams of this ultimately being a platform where people who visit, will feel as though they are in my small living room listening to these stories. Finding familiarity & comfort in these words, &  leave being reminded of the glory of our Maker in the mess & quiet joy of being a mother. 

Honestly, I don't know how to get there. So I suppose I'll at least start here. Sharing what I hope this will be, prayerfully asking the Lord to lead me, and taking baby steps in sharing my journey as not just a mother, or even photographer. But as an image bearer of God. The one who inspires me to create, allows me to be vulnerable as I rest in Him, who teaches me to love - truly love, and gives me grace upon grace when I fail.